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T Update
I haven't made one of these in forever.  Seeing as I'm about three months shy of my third tranniversary, I should probably start preparing something.  For now though, all I've got is news on the E-blocker front.  I got my first shot of Lupron today.  It was the most painful injection I've ever gotten, though it remains to be seen if the side-effects will overshadow that.  I was dizzy and had a headache after the injection but can't say whether that was the drug (doubtful) or a reaction to the pain of an intramuscular injection to the thigh with a humongous needle (likely).  Anyway, hopefully this heralds an end to the cyclic mood swings that have plagued me for the past two years, not to mention other inconveniences.

As for changes since my last post, I hit some kind of turnover point in passing recently, where I consistently pass even in spaces where people know I'm ~25-30, so I'm guessing my face has changed?  Or maybe my body shape has improved (probably more due to working out than T though)?  A few people have commented on my voice since I started the E-blocker saga, so I'm pretty sure my voice has continued to deepen due to lower estrogen levels, which might also explain it.

Other than that, I'm starting to grow more facial hair, although it's still closer to heavy peach fuzz than terminal hairs, let alone whiskers.  I shave with electric beard trimmers about once a week to keep from looking dirty, but now I have to shave my upper lip and chin as well as sideburns.  As I mentioned, I've dipped my feet back into rock climbing and am not being held back by strength or endurance at all, which is different from when I first got into it pre-T.  The same goes for yoga re: limiting factors, although that was never as hardcore.

Yep, that's about it.  I'm still around and will post more as the Lupron does its thing.


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